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    Felix the Cat Bold King Cole (1936) VanBeuren


    by Allan

    Felix the Cat is perched in a tree playing his guitar and serenading himself and a canary with a little ditty called "Nature and Me." It is a beautiful day in cartoon-land but Mother Nature, perhaps not a music lover, whips up a lightning-laden thunderstorm and Felix is soon seeking shelter. He finds it at the castle of King Cole, a boastful, fabricating blow-hard. The King's ancestors, tired of hearing the braggart, come out of their pictures as ghostly specters and take the King to the dungeon and pump the gassy hot-air out of him.

    Forced by a horrific storm to seek cover for the night, Felix knocks at the palace door of boastful Old King Cole. Felix and King Cole are threatened by the ghosts of Cole's ancestors. The king and his minions are terrified of the night, but the king, putting on his best face, lets Felix in and begins his constant bragging, which the palace's ghosts can't stand. So the ghosts take the living spirit out of the king and haunt him with his own tall tales, and literally turning the tables on the old gasbag. Felix finally destroys the ghostly hordes with bolts of lightning and rescues Old King Cole.