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    C64 Emulator On Nintendo 3DS With An R4 3DS Card


    by gamerx9

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    Using my R4 3DS Card from to play Mayhem in Monsterland on my Nintendo 3DS system. Absolutely loved this game back on my C64 itself. It, along with Creatures was a must have and MUST BUY title when they first came out. I'm using the FrodoDS emulator to play the game on my 3DS. The emulator is freeware, and it also work on the DS, DSi and of course on the 3DS System too.

    If you're itching to play some of your old classics, then go and grab the emulator (it's free) and there are thousands of games online for the C64 that are pretty much abandonware now, so they are free to download and play. Sorry about the text to speech, but my voice is messed right now, so I ended up using a computer voice in order to make it sound even more retro :)

    If you never had a c64, then I urge you to go and take a look at the many hundreds of other videos on here, that show just how amazing that computer was. The games look dated today, but they were top notch and the best of the best when they were first released. Not to mention that a lot of the games from back then on the c64 like Test Drive, Control, Prince of Persia - and many others - go their start on this computer. Companies like EA (electronic arts), Activision and many others all started by making games for the c64. These companies are now giants in the industry. It's always fun looking back and seeing what they used to release back then.