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    Don't You Jive Me Baby! By The Jackson7

    The Jackson 7 Are Brilliant!
    The Jackson 7 Are Captivating!
    The Jackson 7 Are One Of The Greatest Acts to Emerge From The Mighty Louie Gordy FunkTown Machine!
    The Jackson 7 sing with Confidence & Power!
    The Jackson 7’s Dance Moves Dazzle!
    The Jackson 7 As Media Stars Project warmth & Sincerity!
    Jackson7Mania Is a Full-Blown Phenomenon!

    The Jackson 7 Are The Bomb!
    The Jackson 7 Are AfroLicious!

    The Jackson 7 Are Heroes of Pop,Soul & R&B!
    The Jackson 7 Rocks The Mike So Naturally!

    The Jackson 7 & Funkman(funk7779) Are Starting a Real Music Revolution!
    The Jackson 7 Are Hot Like an Electrocution!

    The Jackson 7! Straight From Louie Gordy's Funktown Record's Artist Development Dept.!
    Get Ready World! : Sackie,Yomaine,Forlon,Landy,Fichael,Cito & James Are The Jackson 7!

    The Jackson 7!-Only On Louie Gordy's Funktown Records!
    *(The Sound That Makes The World GetDown!)*

    FunksVille USA!
    Louie Gordy!-The Music & The Magic!
    Louie Gordy’s Soul Subway!- The Hippest Trip In The World!

    The Louie Gordy’s Funktown Record Label Produces More gut-bucket Soul Music, Southern Rhythm
    and Blues!

    A Special Thanks To The FunkTown Records Head: Louie Gordy who Signed The Jackson 7 To The Label! & Also Sparky Robinson! (FunkTown Records Singer & Composer-From Sparky Robinson & the Wonderfuls!)

    Also Available On MusiCassettes & Stereo 8-Track Tapes!

    Produced By Luzanne NoPass For Funktown Records!

    Aw Shucks Baby!-Sock it to me(Momma)!
    Ma Ma Se Ma Ma Sa Ma Ma Cu Sa!
    Ma Ma Se Ma Ma Sa Ma Ma Cu Sa!

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