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    Pope Francis - 7 Interesting Facts

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    Check out 7 interesting facts about Pope Francis.

    The new pope has officially been elected. Here are 7 surprising facts about Pope Francis.

    Number 7 – An anonymous conclave diary somehow got into the media’s hands in 2005 revealing that Bergoglio was a runner up in the last election, receiving 40 votes on the third ballot.

    Number 6 – The new leader of the Catholic Church originally aspired to be a chemist.

    Number 5 – He served as the Jesuit provincial of order in Argentina from 1973 to 1979.

    Number 4- An email campaign from 2005 claimed that fellow Jesuits who were familiar with Bergoglio said that he “never smiled”.

    Number 3 – In 2010, he received a public rebuke from Argentina's President after he alleged that gay adoption served as discrimination against kids.

    Number 2 – Pope Francis is described as a humble man. An Argentine priest claims that prior to becoming pope, Bergoglio took public transportation everyday.

    Number 1 – Although known to have very strong conservative views, in 2001 he showed the public a tender, heartwarming side when he visited an AIDS hospice. There he washed and kissed the feet of a dozen patients.