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    ►CITY 41B | Part 1 [Sims2 VO Movie]


    by GrayLeeStudios

    This is Part 1 for CITY 41B! Forget the plot? Well here it is...

    "While refusing to adjust to society in the not so distant future, Adaline Dunst's ordinary life just took a turn for the worst when by mistake she is swept away to CITY 41B, a parallel universe that gives you the opportunity to have a second chance at life. But once she meets the mastermind behind all of it - she's not so sure that she ended up there by mistake."

    I hope you enjoy it so far :)

    ... And of course I can't say that I'm happy with it :P But when you look at something for like a billion years it'll get old.

    OH. Also - if you need help understanding a certain part or something like that, just ask, It's hard to communicate a story through sims and it's totally fine if you don't understand something. I SWEAR IT'LL ALL MAKE SENSE SOON!


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