GLEE CAP: "Feud" Sue Sings Nicki Minaj, Boy Band Mashup! 04x16

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Glee tackles epic feuds including Backstreet VS NSYNC, Madonna VS Elton John, and Nicki VS Mariah! Hey guys you're watching your Glee Cap here on your favorite YouTube channel- ClevverMusic. Glee picks up after the last episode where Finn revealed to Mr. Shue that he kissed his fiance Emma. Needless to say there's been a tad of tension within the club so for the first time ever the students give the teachers an assignment, "Feuds". Throughout the episode we see epic song feuds go down as mashups.

In NYC, we find out Rachel isn't pregnant, false alarm. Brody sings Marina & the Diamonds "Heartbreaker" and we find out he is in fact a male escort and Santana tries to get Rachel to break up with him because she can sense something is off about "Donkey Face". At McKinley High, Sue tries to get Blaine back on the Cheerios by challenging him to a sing off duel: Sue will play Nicki Minaj and Blaine will play Mariah Carey. Nice FOX American Idol tie in right there! But before we see that performance, we meet Ryder's new cyber girlfriend Katie_xoxo. For their feud, Ryder and Unique tackle a mashup dedicated to the decade long feud between Madonna and Elton John singing, "The B—- Is Back'/'Dress You Up".

One of our favorite performances of the night came when Mr. Shue and Finn squared off for their assignment with the 90s boy band feud, performing a mashup of NYSNC "Bye Bye Bye" and Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way"- take a look at this!

The anticipated sing off finally goes down in classroom with Blaine singing Mariah Carey song "I Still Believe" and with Nicki Minaj "Super Bass". You must watch Sue rap- it's amazing!

Sue wins the sing off which means Blaine has to rejoin the Cheerios! In NYC, Santana threatens Brody to try to protect Rachel, but in turn Rachel and Kurt kick Santana out of the apartment! The episode ends with Santana exposing Brody's secret to Finn who magically appears back in New York. Finn beats the crap out of Brody and tells Brody to get out of Rachel's life ASAP, but only time will tell if he listens. The club sings us out with Tegan & Sara's "Closer" another pop favorite right now. Do you think Finn and Mr. Shue will ever make up? And will Brody leave for good? Thanks for watching our Glee Cap every week here on ClevverMusic, bye guys see you soon!