O Inseto do Amor - All the erotic scene

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Eder Kan

por Eder Kan

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A type of amazon insect makes people tared. Men bitten by this insect no have problem with erection. Lots of nudity in short scenes. Story and photography median but good fun.

Technical Specs
Original title: O Inseto do Amor
Genre: Comedy
Length: 106min.
Release (Brazil): 1980


According to an Indian legend of the Amazon, a particular insect, the Anophelis Sexualis, has aphrodisiac properties: one who is bitten by it, die for sure if it comes to sexual relations within two hours. Knowing this news, Hans Muller, a scientist, travels to the insect's habitat and collecting various specimens for research in his laboratory in the city of Ilhabela, in the coast. There, besides the local administration and population, encontramse several tourists. All come with the work of Muller very scared and end up requiring him to remove from the site. It turns out that, by an accident, the insects flee and start attacking everyone. The first victim is a prisoner, unable to have sexual relations in prison, ends up dying. Others, men and women, including the mayor, the priest, reporters, misses, hotel guests, newlyweds, engaged, will solve the best way possible the problem brought by the scientist and his insects.


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