My Little Disney: Very Good Advice

Daga Yemar
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Good lord, this one turn out better than I could have hoped! This is why Rarity works for Alice. Yes, Fluttershy would have been great for the part. She would have made a good one for this song as well. But by Celestia, Rarity! I made this and I'm in shock!

Going into this, I was just going to do what I always do and fail at lip-syncing various scenes. But then it hit me that this song is talking about the major plot in nearly every Rarity episode we've had. Rarity's biggest character flaw is that she almost always knows what she should be doing, but somehow she always get caught up in her own private little games and never quite getting around to doing what she needs to do. If I ever had any doubt about my casting for this one, it's gone.

I salute you, Rarity. I hope I've done you proud!

This pony music video has been brought to you by the letters "D" and "Y" and the number "3.14". It was not brought to you by either My Little Pony or Disney. They were busy, so we had to settle with random letters and irrational numbers again...