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    Artist Uses Smoke to Create Stunning Paintings

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An artist uses smoke as a medium.

    Michael Fennell is an exceptional artist who uses smoke to create stunning portrait paintings on panels.

    While much of his process remains unknown to the outside world, Fennell states “Smoke is a unique medium that is not drawn, painted, printed, rubbed, flicked, blown or sprayed on - so what could we say - air borne? It can create the most beautiful blacks that are 'luminous' and have depth to the extent that charcoal is flat and pale next to it. It can also create melting, nebulous edges and a great range of tones to rival those of photography. “

    He has numerous awe-inspiring works including a portrait of Amelia Earhart where the smoke streams and clouds almost radiate off of the piece.

    Another artwork is titled “Queen of the Bees”, depicting a nude woman surrounded by insects. Her striking face stares straight ahead covered by a beekeeper hat and veil. The smoke rings make up the background and dark veil.

    In the end, the paintings possess a vintage, nostalgic quality reminiscent of artwork from centuries ago.

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