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    Chinese Official Wants You to Cut Back on Chopsticks

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    by Geo Beats

    Chinese officials want citizens to cut back on chopsticks.

    Millions of people use chopsticks everyday.

    A Chinese government official is calling attention to the amount of trees being cut down and used for disposable wooden chopsticks.
    Bo Guangxin, a Chinese legislator and the chairman of Jilin Forestry Industry Group said: "We must change our consumption habits and encourage people to carry their own tableware.”
    China is the world’s largest consumer and importer of wood.
    The Chinese market for foreign wood has tripled from the year 2000 to 2011.
    Guangxin said that China’s chopstick production used around 20 million 20 year old trees making enough chopsticks to cover Tiananmen Square with 360 layers of the disposable utensils.
    The country makes an estimated 80 billion pairs of wooden chopsticks every year.
    But they cannot fully satisfy the demand for disposable chopsticks. And interestingly, to meet that incredible demand, they even import some from the United States.
    What do you think? Should disposable chopsticks become a thing of the past?