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    World's Most Expensive Car Wax Costs $97,000

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A $97,000 car wax is released.

    Getting ready to restore that shine to your car. You could get the run-of-the-mill car wax for $10.

    But if you really love your car, you may want to consider 'showering' her with something special.

    The Scottish company, Mitchell & King specializes in upscale car care products.

    They have released a bottle of a very unique car wax.

    Retailing at a jaw-dropping $97,060, it comes in a 24 carat-gold-plated Swarovski bottle. The car shining product is said to be the world’s most expensive car wax.

    It contains a bespoke scent along with gold shimmer which magnifies the shine on any luxury model vehicle.

    Late last year, Mitchell & King unveiled what was referred to as the world’s most expensive car shampoo. Containing signature cosmetic ingredients, the shampoo comes in an engraved crystal decanter.

    Available in bespoke fragrances including chocolate truffle, passion fruit and jelly beans, the shampoo is available for significantly less than their wax product – retailing for just $242.