St. Patrick's Day: 5 Weight Loss Ideas From Irish Traditions

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Check out 5 ways to lose weight like the Irish.

St. Patrick's Day doesn't just have to be about partying.

Here are five Irish inspiration for losing weight according to Shape magainze.

Number 5 – Learn how to do an Irish jig. While it may sound bizarre, just the act of mixing up workout routines can help you break that plateau when losing pounds seems to be impossible. If Irish jig isn't your thing, try zumba or some other fun way of exercising your body.

Number 4 – Consume a little Irish butter. Increasing your consumption of fats like olive oil and butter can help to curb cravings, keeping you satisfied longer. Even though saturated fats like butter are widely thought to be unhealthy, studies have revealed that so long as you consume in limited quantity or from natural sources, you're fine.

Number 3 – Relax a little and enjoy the St. Patrick’s day festivities. Focusing too much on eating right at all times and over-exercising can actually lead to weight gain or a plateau. Exhaustion and depression could be the culprits. Take a day or two off, enjoy the party and give muscles a chance to recover and subsequently, grow.

Number 2 – Make green your dietary color. Leafy green vegetables provide powerful nutrients for the body. Use different types of salad mixes and add healthy nuts and toppings to keep the traditional diet meal interesting.

Number 1 – Lift some pots of gold. Well, ok hard to find those. But give weight lifting a try. Keep pushing yourself to safely lift more weights. Heavy lifting is known to be an incredible fat buster.