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    Aviyn - "Merry Go Round" Official Music Video


    by BlankTV

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    Aviyn - "Merry Go Round"

    Artist city, country: Hominy, OK
    Genre: KrankTV

    Artist Biography: Aviyn are from a small town outside of the Tulsa, OK area. Their small town surroundings have helped play a substantial role in their ability to be so diligent in the music and the chance to perfect the band sonically. Their music is about people and Aviyn dedicates themselves to the music that they create and to the people who support them.

    With Aviyn being self-taught musicians, they have an extensive catalog of influences ranging across various genres and time periods. Many bands including Underoath, Atreyu and Killswitch Engage have really helped lay the ground roots for which Aviyn has built their musical consciousness on.

    Avyn has been writing songs together since 2006. Some of these songs have made it to their live shows and some have never left the practice area, but all of them have been a result of the band wanting to share an honest piece of themselves with their fans. The band can't imagine not being able to write music or not being able to connect with fans and music lovers alike.

    In the past three years Aviyn has released two demos, Better off Dead in 2009 and Reflections in 2010. During which the band has played on a handful of tours and hundreds of shows with bands such as Asking Alexandria, Motionless in White, Oh Sleeper, Jamie's Elsewhere, It Dies Today, 36 Crazyfists, August Burns Red, The Misfits, and many others. Aviyn has just released their debut self titled full length album, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Nick Sampson. (I Am Abomination, In Fear and Faith, and Adestria0. The album reached #20 on the CMJ Loud Rock Chart, which for an unsigned band is quite a feat.

    Director Name: Brett Baggett
    Producer Name: Rob Davis, Chase Huggins, and Brett Baggett

    About The Video: We wanted to depict how people get stuck in the same relationships over and over. You finish one bad abusive relationship only to end up in another again the next time. This idea was portrayed within three different dream sequences. Three different women wake up finding themselves in the presence of a 'killer.' The only way to escape the situation is to find their way back to their bed again and fall asleep. The 'killer' represents that abusive boyfriend so many women find themselves with, the one they hate to be with but can't get away from. Many people seem to find themselves in the same cycle, a 'Merry Go Round,' if you will.

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    Song Lyrics: Cloudy sun lit sky without a sun, feeling warm without this heat conversation lingers in the air, not even a word was spoken. Sitting in a park soaking wet, park bench cold and metallic flowers and grass drenched in the rain, not even a word was spoken. Shadows hover in the distance, in its wake, reality turns to a dream was it even real at all? That once was leaves you cold to the bone, longing for more when there is nothing left not even a word. The perfect spheres of raindrops glisten, while the air smells of what came and went. Wishing the wind would take it all away..accept it. This tragic merry go round and around it spins, dragging you, vertigo, you start to panic..accept it. One step: Put a foot to the ground, One Step: it ends the sadness, One Step: sends you headfirst, One Step: into the arms of madness. Can you get off this merry go round, and so you close your eyes because you think that it will save you. All you have to do is just forget with a pinch you open to.


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