SimCity Disasters: DRM ruins game launch


by NMAWorldEdition

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SimCity Disasters: no it's not the name of the latest SimCity expansion pack. It's how you would describe the launch of SimCity 5. Fans are eager to play the $60 simulation game, but due to server overloads many fans have been waiting hours in frustration.

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The servers are overloaded because SimCity 5 requires an 'always-on' internet connection. The company says this is because back-end computations take place in the cloud. But fans suspect the always-on connection is because EA Maxis wants to maintain strict DRM controls and verify no bootleg copies are played.

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EA Maxis hasn't handled the crisis well. Amazon has suspended sales of SimCity 5 and players continue to report trouble accessing servers. Didn't EA Maxis learn anything from the botched launch of Diablo 3?

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