Space Oddity 2 - Fake trailer (Blender 3D animation)


par Vehga

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"To save your brother in trouble, where will you go ? .."
A little more than two years an a half ago, I started learning 3D thanks to Blender with a project in mind. The project is dead but I kept learning. Two months after starting, I did an animation called Space Oddity, my very first (-second-) attempt at doing a 3D short (somewhere on my channel). Two years later, I thought it'd be cool to go back to space and tell an other story, with new things I've learned so far. The "trailer" is everything, there's no reel S-O 2 coming.
Done in Blender (+ Gimp) , rendered with blender's internal rendering engine.
First earth scenes overview :

Thanks to BlenderGuru, BlenderCookie and many others.

If interested, you can find a few images and concepts on my Deviantart gallery :

The soundtrack uses Michael Giacchino's music, and movie lines.

4 commentaires

Thanks. Yes, all Blender's internal and compositor.
Par Vehga l'année dernière
Wow awesome stuff, is this rendered with blender internal?
Par InkGlassDesigns l'année dernière
Merci :)
Par Vehga l'année dernière
les effets d'atmosphère sont très bien rendus !
Par Erik'os Noospheratu l'année dernière