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    First Film Documentary


    by dm_5104412529eef

    This campaign is to raise funds for my upcoming first film. I wanted my first film to have purpose and meaning to the people of South Florida. So I have decided to make a documentary about the Life Story of Monsignor Augustin Roman.

    He has been a patriot and dedicated mentor to the people of South Florida as well as the Catholic Church. He was the man responsible for the creation of a movement in South Florida that has been around for more than 25 yrs. called "Love in the Beginning"

    I want this Documentary to be about his life story, the people that knew him, and the movement he created.

    The documentary will have interviews of colleges that knew him, members of the Movement he created (past & present) and of course him. As I Have said I have a 15 minute interview of Monsignor Augustin Roman where he told me his life story and why he created the Movement.