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    Woman Ticketed for Driving 2 MPH Below Speed Limit

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    A woman is ticketed for driving 2 miles per hour slower in the left lane.

    Driving too fast can get you in trouble? But what about driving too slow?

    A Maryland woman recently received a ticket and it wasn’t for speeding.

    She had been driving in the left lane on an interstate in Laurel, Maryland. She was stopped by an officer for failing to move to the right lane.

    The citation listed her speed at 63 miles per hour while she was driving in a 65 mile per hour zone. She has filed a complaint with the Maryland State Police and plans to fight the ticket.

    The woman claims that the area was encountering heavy winds so she reduced her speed for safety reasons.

    In 2009, a man received a ticket from a Maryland State Trooper for driving too slow. The male driver stated “When I asked him why, he said I was going too slow and issued me an $80 ticket for going 58 in a 65. To me, you are punishing a safe driver and there are many cars that were passing me.”

    Do you think cops should give tickets for driving too slow?