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    Amazing Slide Design Inside a Home

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Skyhouse architecture contains a slide design.

    A renowned New York City architect, David Hotson has partnered with an interior design company to create a four story Manhattan penthouse equipped with a futuristic indoor tubular slide. Referred to as the ‘skyhouse’, the apartment is located inside of a tower constructed in the late nineteenth century.

    It had previously not been used as a residence, but Hotson figured out a way to completely transform the space. The attic area is surrounded by glass and this is where the slide starts.

    Polished stainless steel allows for a mirrored outer surface adding to the apartment’s colorful and modern design.

    Hotson describes the trip stating “The first leg of the slide passes through the attic glass, coils around the column over the guest bedroom, then slips through a second seamless glass window and out over the stair. A window in the slide admits natural light from the dormer windows and provides a fleeting vista through the entire length of the penthouse.”

    The end of the slide widely opens to create a funhouse mirror.

    Would you want to have a tubular slide in your home?