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    5 Ways to Reduce Snoring

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    Check out 5 ways to reduce snoring.

    Snoring - getting the best of you?

    Here are 5 ways that help reduce snoring according to

    Number 5 – It may not sound like much fun but avoiding or limiting alcohol can quiet those nightly sounds. Booze relaxes muscles in the airway, which in turn makes the effort to breathe more difficult and ultimately louder.

    Number 4 – Drop a couple of pounds. With more weight comes an additional amount of suction required to inhale. The extra effort causes vibration and swelling in the throat. Losing just a little bit of the extra weight helps to quiet snoring.
    Number 3 – A simple solution would be to purchase a humidifier. Dry heat can lead to a dry mouth and throat passages, accentuating the breathing sounds.

    Number 2 – Here’s an uncommon idea. Take up the art of singing. UK researchers found that people who sung 20 minutes a day over the course of three months saw a reduction in snoring. The belief is that singing tones muscles in the airway.

    Number 1 – Here's a somewhat extreme idea, but your partner may appreciate it. If snoozing on your back triggers snoring fits, try sleeping with a tennis ball sewn into the back of your pajama shirt. The ball is uncomfortable, which will force you to roll on your side without waking you up.