Artist Creates Fantasy Coffins

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An artist works to create fantasy coffins.

Coffin is not an object that one typically associates with art. But one talented artist sought a way to change how we see coffins.

Transforming those standard rectangular shaped boxes, the Ghanaian man turns these spaces into fantasy areas. From 2002 through 2006, he trained with an internationally known fellow coffin artist and later developed a following in Europe by participating in art projects and exhibitions.

In 2007, he opened his own workshop in Ghana creating figurative coffin masterpieces for funerals and private collectors.
One of his boxes is painted, shaped and textured to look just like a hen.

Facial features and the bodily shape exhibit vigorous detail.

Going solely by the appearance, the piece would seem to serve more as a sculpture than a space for the deceased.

Another photo depicts a rooster coffin. The body is bright red and a rough, outward textured medium acts as the domestic fowl’s feathers and tail.

His art seems to promote a less-gloomy feeling towards death. Fantasy coffins are known to be a tradition among people from Ghana.