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    Episode 15: Beauty is only skin deep

    Kitty Von-Sometime

    by Kitty Von-Sometime

    Filmed as part of

    Conceptually Episode 15 was a reaction to both internal and external influences - a statement on the growing trend of plastic surgery for vanity in young women in Iceland and the damage which has occurred from it. The piece focuses on a group of female creatures who have been self mutilating and their capture of a young victim enticed to join them.

    In order to focus on directing, this is the first piece Kitty did not take part in. The story orientated shot list, 3 cameras plus shooting in multiple locations throughout the day demanded more from her behind the camera than previously.

    The performance was much harder and more brutal for the participating women and for Kitty herself as a director. The cast and crew consisted of 60 people and the location was an old fishmeal factory, extremely cold, foul smelling and damp. The women's boundaries and self acceptance were pushed until they were raw so that the element of the piece could be accurately captured.