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    An Oijo! Production

    FILMED at The Oijo! Terrace
    This episode brought to you in association with TOKE, A Novel, by Jugal Mody
    Guest Cinematographer - Vidura Jang Bahadur
    Sound - Raghav Suthaud/Kavi Bhansali
    The Brian Citro Trio is a jazz guitar trio grounded in the American jazz tradition while reaching out in new directions. The trio is one of only a handful of groups in India that maintain a close connection to jazz traditions while incorporating contemporary musical styles in order to develop a truly original sound. As such, the trio is a welcome new addition to the Indian music scene, performing newly composed music and reinterpreting standards from jazz greats like Thelonious Monk, Sonnly Rollins and Miles Davis.

    Guitarist Brian Citro hails from Chicago and is steeped in the jazz and avant-garde traditions that make that city's music scene one of the most vibrant in the world. Brian studied with renowned jazz and world music guitarist Fareed Haque in Chicago and has performed in numerous venues around the world since then. He is currently based in Delhi. His refined sense of jazz improvisation and versatile harmonic vocabulary turns each performance into a unique musical experience. Bassist Abishek Mangla and drummer Nikhil Vasudeva are two of India's most gifted young musicians. They have established themselves as integral members of the Indian music scene as members of bands like Bandish, The Ska Vengers, Map and The Commons. Together they form an agile rhythm section for the trio informed by India's rich rhythmic tradition as well as contemporary Western styles like funk, fusion and indie rock.

    Episode brought to you in association with TOKE, A Novel by Jugal Mody -

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