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    MINECRAFT | Ant Farm Survival w/Nova Part 1: Getting Started!!!


    by yoteslaya

    Welcome to my new Minecraft series Ant Farm. This is a very unique custom map with alot of challenges. I will be doing this coop with PredictableNova. This is the first time playing minecraft coop so it should be fun. In the early episodes you will hear me talk about the bedstone not being glass. Dont worry it only takes a few episodes before we realize there is a custom texture pack for this. Thanks for Watching I hope you all enjoy!!!

    PredictableNovas Channel:

    Download this map here (Ant Farm):

    Main Achievements:

    Make a bow
    Make glass
    Make a bucket
    Make iron tools
    Make an infinite water source
    Find and harvest sugar cane
    Make a bookshelf
    Enchant an item
    Make a house
    Find, harvest and grow red and brown giant mushrooms
    Find and activate the hidden chicken spawner
    Make a cake
    Make TNT
    Tame a wolf
    Make a wheat farm
    Make a melon farm
    Make a compass
    Find and harvest all 8 diamonds
    Destroy all spawners (Total 18 hostile spawners)

    Nether Ant Farm Achievements:

    Harvest obsidian
    Make a nether portal and enter the nether
    Get gold nuggets
    Make a clock
    Make a golden apple
    Find and harvest glowstone
    Find the Nether Fortress
    Find the treasure room in the Nether Fortress
    Destroy all Nether Spawners (Total 14)
    Make a healing potion

    All done? Now do these:

    Leave the Ant Farm [Tip: Where's the light coming from?]
    Get to the floor
    Get the diamond block under the bed
    Get on top of the bed and find the hidden message :D

    There is no coal ore, you must make charcoal!
    The walls are re-textured bedrock, meaning that it's technically opaque and its really dark lower down!
    If you're going to play on Multiplayer, make sure you set spawn radius to 0 to avoid spawning outside the Ant Farm!
    Put render distance on Far to see the whole room!

    Don't leave the Ant Farm until you get to that achievement.
    Don't play on peaceful. This is a survival map!
    Use the included texture pack. Otherwise everything will look craaaazy...
    Don't make another nether portal in the nether, or bad things will happen.
    Don't harvest anything outside the ant farm. Yes, wood is made of sponge.