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    82-Year-Old Gets Stuck in Car Wash

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An 82-year-old gets stuck in a car wash.

    When going through a car wash, ever wonder what it'd be like if it was you and not your car going through the super-deluxe cleaning?

    You can just ask an 82-year-old man who got stuck in an automatic wash center at his son’s gas station in southern Sweden.

    The elderly male had unintentionally put the system in motion when he passed a sensor. He claimed that he went in the area to clean up but didn’t realize a woman had already entered the automatic wash in her vehicle until all the water began spraying him.

    He escaped the ordeal without injury. After he got out, the kind-hearted man got the female customer a complimentary car wash pass for her next visit.

    In another bizarre report from last year, surveillance footage from a car wash captured a woman removing her pants while having her partner clean her with a high pressure hose.

    The lady’s male friend hosed her private regions along with her shorts before giving the vehicle a quick rinse.