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    A Memorable Day - Best side of me


    per ITmYOUsic

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    Addictional vocals: Gabriele Caramia from Go Back Home
    Recorded in Palermo @ Pietro Ventimiglia's.
    AMD 2012


    I can say I'm trying my best
    To hide inside all the hate that I have
    Consequence is that my white head
    gets coloured with a very nice red

    It's the best side of me I would try to show you
    But please don't go away if it don't comes out so fast
    With the best side of me I would try to meet you
    So you will stay with me until the morning comes

    It is not a joke I am sparkling like a Coke
    Shaking inside like they want me to explode
    But I'm trying hard to appear calm and smart
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