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Bloody smoke over the Vatican!

il y a 5 ans1.5K views



FEMEN sextremists barged in St. Peter square in Vatican that was occupied by religious. While believers expected black and white smoke from a pipe, activists of FEMEN activated the torch with caustic blood-red smoke. The color of smoke is a symbol of the bloody violent history of Christianity and expresses FEMEN's determination to combat sexism of religion.

FEMEN draws attention to the absurdity of medieval habits, when enlightened 21th century, the eyes of the world are turned to the rusty pipe and a stinky colored smoke ! The narrow-minded Church chooses another "infallible" leader. FEMEN says the Vatican and its institutions are blocking the road to progress, which we inherited, turning our back to the dark ages. The Vatican must die and with it, his "sacred" attributes: pedophilia, homophobia, corruption, misogyny, the struggle against contraception, control of private life !
The retrograde thought must live its last moments !

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Bloody smoke over the Vatican!
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