Depeche Mode 'Live On Letterman" webcast March, 11th 2013 @ Ed Sullivan Theater NY

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Track listing

00:00 Intro
01:18 Angel
05:30 Should Be Higher
10:50 Walking In My Shoes
17:20 Barrel Of A Gun
23:05 Heaven
26:40 Personal Jesus
32:00 Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
35:35 Soothe My Soul
41:30 Enjoy The Silence

5 комментариев

>>>> Is there a concert in HD ???! >>> a Link please *thx!*
Пользователем depechemode1017 в прошлом году
>>>> Gibt es das Konzert auch in HD ???! >>> Bitte um Link *danke!*
Пользователем depechemode1017 в прошлом году
It's not screen recorder, but rtmp downloader. Apowersoft Video Download Capure
Пользователем _deaddy в прошлом году
Hey Fellow Uploader...may I ask what Screen Grabber program you use??...not a bad quality considering what you had to work with..which isnt all that good! Uploaded the show performance to YT last night!

Thxs....IdolxMuzic or IdolXfactor3 on YouTube
Пользователем IdolxMuzic в прошлом году
Alternatively you can listen to the show here
Пользователем _deaddy в прошлом году