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    Harry Styles New Butterfly Tattoo


    by ClevverTV

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    What's up, everyone? Thanks for checking out ClevverTV. Breaking news went down over the weekend when Mr. Harry Styles posted a selfie on Instagram... or as he put it, Penstagram because he officially debuted some brank new ink. It's a quite large and in-your-face butterfly on Harry's torso. When I first saw this, I thought 'woah, wait, how do we know this is real or that it's Harry's body??" Well, if you look at a wider shot of the tattoo that was previously on the tattoo artist's Flickr page, you'd notice that it's the same ship design and part of the recognizable heart that we all know are definitely on the One Direction member's arm. Lyam Sparkes deleted the photo, FYI, but apparently HS got this new ab artwork back in January... after the breakup with Taylor Swift. We only bring up the ex situation because a bunch of 1D fans are posting comments about the tattoo along the lines of "the only stupider thing that Harry has done other than date Taylor Swift is get this butterfly tattoo." So while a bunch of Directioners are pretty clear in their dislike for the tat, a handful of people are also keeping it positive with posts like "not bad", "like it" "OH WOW" and "love". Weigh in on this latest news by posting a comment below and subscribe to ClevverTV for more 1D news. I'm Dana Ward -- thanks for tuning in. Bye!

    Hosted by: Dana Ward