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    Councilman Wants Email Taxed for Funding Postal Service

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    A council wants email taxed for funding postal service.

    Would you still use email if you had to pay for every email you sent?

    A city councilman in Berkeley, California suggested that there should be a tax on email to increase revenue for the post office.

    The United Nations studied the idea of taxing email back in 1999 as a way to fund a worldwide communication infrastructure.

    The United States Postal Service has been suffering from huge financial losses, partially because of people sending emails instead of letters.

    The number of packages being delivered has increased because of internet sales, but the Postal Service is still losing money, and now they have decided to cancel Saturday delivery service.

    The city councilman from Berkeley also says the idea of taxing emails would reduce the amount of spam that is sent everyday.

    A study from SophosLabs kept track of junk emails that were sent from December 2012 to February 2013.

    The data shows that the United States sends out more spam than any other country with just over 18 percent of all spam emails originating in the US.