Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Wine Sell Out Within Hours

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Pitt and Jolie wine bottles sell out in a matter of hours.

Many people wish to have a taste of celebrity life. Recently 6,000 bottles of wine from a vineyard owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sold out in 5 hours.

A case of the wine retailed for a little under $140. A spokesperson for the public relations firm representing the vineyard states “The sale started at 9 a.m., and all the bottles were sold out by 2 p.m.”

The vineyard resides in Southern France and it is comprised of about 1,000 acres. Marc Perrin, who partnered with the couple to create the wine, claims that the property and valley offer an “unmatched ecosystem” which helps to give the beverage a distinct, fresh taste.

Pitt and Jolie worked hard to get the wine just right. They reportedly attended blending sessions, switched to steel tanks and worked to come up with an innovative shape for the bottles.

The first wine critic to taste the new release states “This one was very fresh, very fruity, very exuberant on the aroma side, but also round, supple and fresh and energetic so for my standard of tasting wine, it was a very good wine. I gave it a 91 point out of a one hundred scale.”