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    Multiple Page 1 Google Rankings Proof


    by tkc7676710

    32 views Here is proof of how I got multiple page one Google listings for a highly competitive keyword.

    I just wanted to show you a trick to help you rank on the first page of Google pretty quickly and to show you proof so you can see i know what i'm talking about.

    This is how to guarantee your online business success. I'm currently hiding my personal results. there are no quotations around the search term so you know it's a broad match.

    I have the first three spots on page one of Google for that broad match.

    On page 2 I have a spot coming from a feed.

    Back on the first page of Google now. As you can see It's still not showing my personal results. I'm showing you this live.

    I'm putting quotation marks around the search term. this tells me how many web sites have this exact phrase in their title. Again I am currently hiding personal results.

    There are 2,340,000 exact matches intitle.

    On the broad match I'm still 1 & 2 and still hiding personal results. And also in the 4th position on the intitle match against 2,340,000 websites that have that exact same phrase in their title. I'm also in the feed on page one.

    Let's go to page 2. That's me on a Pinterest post. So, not too shabby. Again, just for kicks and giggles...

    I'm hiding my personal results, let's show the personal results.

    There is a specific procedure I follow to get these results and I'm going to be putting a post together on it. There are several ways to do this.

    What I want you to do is go to my blog and this will be the first post you see. The title of the post is "use Google Plus to rank on page 1 quickly".

    I've already pulled up a search for that. That is a real low volume search intitle. It's currently showing in broad match and I am hiding my personal results. Let's just make sure this other one is hiding personal results too, ok let's just hide them so there's no confusion.

    Let's search again and that's 34,000,000 on a broad match ok. But intitle ther's only like 43 so anyway "use google plus to rank on page 1 quickly" so go to:

    And watch that video because that will show you how to rank on Google very, very quckly as long as it's low hanging fruit and then if you'll follow my blog for a little bit I'll be putting out information to show you how ...

    I got multiple spots on page one of Google for a highly competitive keyword. There is a procedure I follow and i'll be blogging about it.

    Go to my blog and take a look at that post and watch the video. It shows you one of the key steps to ranking on the first page of Google.

    The video will show you step-by-step. Just try it on a couple of keywords you want to rank on page one.

    I know you'll love this if you do it so please share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Click on the link on my blog and lets connect on G+.