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    From a Freezing River: XtraTuf Boots [Review]


    by jlukasavige

    If you need a boot that withstands winter conditions like ice, water, slush, mud, and cold while providing all-day comfort than you need a pair of XtraTuf II boots. These boots are built for conditions on an Alaskan fishing boat and work extremely well. They have a 5mm foam bootie that is flexible and comfortable along with being warm. I was also very surprised at how much support the boot gave. It has an X-Stabilizer near the ankle which gives it that little bit of extra support. These are also 100% waterproof with an airmesh lining for air circulation.

    You will pay a little extra for an Xtratuf boot but they will last years. I've had generic rubber boots in the past and after letting them sit in the closet during the summer the rubber has literally cracked, peeled, and fallen off the boot. Do yourself a favor and pay that little extra for a boot that is 10x more comfortable and will last 10x longer.

    They make the boot in a few different styles with varying heights. They also make it in the original Xtratuf version which is a full neoprene boot and is offered in insulated and non-insulated versions. It's actually very surprising all the different styles they offer in not just boots buy also a loafer style boat shoe. Check out the full line of Xtratuf footwear at


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