Home Run - trailer #1 [HD] (2013) David Boyd, Scott Elrod, Vivica A. Fox, Dorian Brown, Charles Henry Wyson

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In theaters: April 19th, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Samuel Goldwyn Films
Home Run - trailer #1 [HD] (2013)

Baseball all-star Cory Brand knows what it takes to win in the big leagues. But off the field, with memories of his past haunting him, his life is spiraling out of control. Hoping to save her client’s career and reputation after a DUI and a team suspension, Cory’s agent sends him back to the small town where he grew up. Forced to coach the local youth baseball team and spend eight weeks in the only recovery program in town, Cory can’t wait to return to his old life as quickly as possible. As his young players help him experience the joy of the game, Cory discovers his need to find freedom from his past and hope for his future… and win back the love he left behind. With this unexpected second chance, Cory finds himself on a powerful journey of transformation and redemption.

Genre: Drama (PG-13)
Official Site: http://www.homerunthemovie.com
Director: David Boyd
Cast: Scott Elrod, Vivica A. Fox, Dorian Brown, Charles Henry Wyson
Run Time: 113 minutes

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