United Kingdom Talk Wednesday 13th March 2013

Chris Reardon

by Chris Reardon

Chris Reardon's Talk Show.
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People in onesies look totally ridiculous.
Wetting the bed.
Are you in pain ? This show, may take that away.
Another interrupting phone call from Ronny.
My new cycling outfit.
It's important to be seen.
More chanting.
Are the holes too small ?
The real America.
Why would you want to dress in babies clothes ?
There is a noise in the bushes.
When is large large or large small ?
Do you order clothes on line ?
Vicky's traffic woes.
Nose hairs.
Where have my kitchen curtains gone ?
Jimmy's new bike has arived.
She dribbles.
Gary will have to tell him not to go too fast.
Air purifiers.
George's Christening on Sunday.
Bitter wind.
Too much tea may be bad for ladies.
I'll be long gone.
Adult baby grows.

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