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    Valentine Special Punjabi Shayari Johny Hans


    by JohnyHans

    SSA Ji , Here is my Punjabi Shayari on Valentine's day With everone going global and Valentine's day becoming a part of Punjabi youth and everyone around. Why not to talk about the great Ashiqui day but I have tried to discuss my own dimensions of Love, life and dedication. Love is definetly a subject of celebration but this love is just not limited to something between girls and boys but can be found in anything you like and anyone you adore. Love knows no bounds, it,s an expression , it's a style , love is in every moment , every while ......Love and romance is a high time discussion in Punjabi culture from Heer Ranjha , Sassi Punnu , Mirza Sahiba .....But Love is a stream that keeps moving from one generation to other , changing ways , styles and dimensions ....Baaki Pyaar taan pyaar ae ...hor na puchho ...Video hi dekh lo..