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    The Swede Show E26 (Vlog) I Changed my Beard Do you Like it?


    by ImAnderZEL

    READ THIS!!!!!!! so ther is no missunderstanding ewery weekend i say in one vlog video gameplay video or LP video saying send your video as a video responce "this video" like i am in this vlog DONT SEND IT TOM ME AS A PM! and if i like it i will uplode it to my channel with your channel links and all in the description :)

    I can not pay you for any money the video generates so you know that i can only help out bye shoing it to the other polerch's :) i dont force you to like or favorit all my video for me to pic your im simply looking for the one i like the best.

    any games are fine aslong as the video is good in my opinion a must is good video and audio qualet sins i can uplode laggy or bad sounding things ;)

    Pepaple who are not polerch's can of not enter.