De Londres à Singapour en Land Rover


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In 1955, six young adventurers fresh out of Cambridge and Oxford University decided to drive from London to Singapore. This wasn't a quick journey from point A to point B, because guess what? This had never been done before! Land Rover 4x4s were required for this incredible trek, which took them through Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Persia, Asia and South East Asia. Some of the routes were thought to be impassable, such as the famous Stilwell Road in Burma, which had not been used since World War II. The video above shows never before seen footage in color

- The five surviving members of the First Overland Expedition reunited in Singapore recently to celebrate the 50th anniversary of First Overland. On March 4th 2006 these adventurers joined Land Rover enthusiasts from all over the world to recreate the last leg of their legendary journey, traveling 350km from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

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Nice channel ..i feel lonely though.. heh
Par akanshasweety Il y a 4 ans
Toi Aussi GDS ? On est déjà 2 .............Lol!
Par Biscottesansel Il y a 7 ans
le rêve absolu pour moi ...
Par Carole Edouard Il y a 7 ans
Any of you see my TV series. ODYSSEY Driving Around the World? We drove 4 Land Rovers Around the World for 1 1/2 years... and made it through Myanmar (BURMA) we were the first to go East to West through there since the above guys... its on Nat Geo Adventure, OLN Canada and the Extreme Channel UK (soon on Life TV UK) visit WWW.ODYSSEYSHOW.COM
Par Adam Burgess Il y a 7 ans
any you thought Ewan and Charley were on of the first to travel overland....
Par guest Il y a 7 ans
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