2013 AVB feat Fiora vs RemixEvolution - Waiting for the Night (Light shines remix) New Release HD HQ

Travis Roe

by Travis Roe

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Hope everyone listening enjoys this new remix, it's a combination of the best parts of the standard remix release set, ranging from Beat Service to Clinton VanSchiver to the Radio edit. At its core it has been sped up and had the intro melody from the radio edit put behind a number of parts of Clinton VanSchiver's bassline, however Beat Service's midrange vocals were clearer and punchier so I went with those. This track ended up about +2bpm on the original so its not a big change, but its just enough to give it a bit of extra energy. I switch basslines through the track but keep mid and treble added and in time so it feels more like a progression than any kind of fade over. This track is an awesome bit of work just on its own so its taken quite some time to decide on the best way to remix it. I came to the conclusion heavy changes would be counterproductive, but it was still important to stamp our sound on the track, I think the end result was worth the effort. Its a much richer sound, a little faster, still on key, with more variation and three separate peaks instead of only one. It also cycles through all three remix vocals and uses the KORG to enhance several sections with some midrange reverb.
I've included a whole bunch of high res images to keep your eyes a bit more busy while the track is play. 6 mins total. Awesome imagery.
HQ HD as usual 48khz
"We can go where the light shines brighter"

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