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    Mazak Bhari Pad Gaya - Rajnikant, Sridevi - Comedy Scene - Aaj Ka Dada


    by Rajshri

    Watch the comedy scene "Mazak Bhari Pad Gaya" from the super hit Bollywood action movie Aaj Ka Dada (1985) starring Rajnikant, Sridevi & Silk Smitha. Directed by V.V Guhanathan & Music by Ilayaraja
    Suraj (Rajnikant) tries to make romantic advances to Veena (Sridevi) but she refuses. He asks Veena to practice and enact like a dutiful wife towards her husband as they would be getting married soon. During the act Suraj falls on the ground and hurts his back. Continue watching to know if this injury is also a part of the act or is Suraj really hurt.