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    Dee Snider talks to Danny Shipman (1994)

    Reality Check TV

    by Reality Check TV

    “This footage has never been seen outside of San Francisco. What you are about to see is NOT an interview. This is a fan meeting his idol In 1994. 11 years in the making! It’s more of therapy session than anything. I’m talking out my issues as a fan that was scorned. You’re probably going to get a bigger insight on the rise and fall of Twisted Sister in the 80’s than any other format you’ve ever seen or read. I used my press credentials to set this up as an interview. I even explained to Dee 2 days before, this wasn’t really going to be an interview but something personal I needed to do. I even offered to meet with him privately and do this without the camera but he said he’d wait for our scheduled time. He still didn’t get it and it was awkward having his guitarist from Widowmaker Al Pitrelli there. I wanted it one on one me & Dee. They all thought this was Reality Check TV here to do a feature on Widowmaker and talk about that. Eventually they figured out this was way different!

    I grew up in a little California hick town called Watsonville. I was the outcast/misfit of my high school. I discovered Twisted Sister on their 2nd album “You can’t Stop Rock n’ Roll” in 1983 when no one had heard of them. They quickly became my favorite band for the heavy kick ass style of metal they did and the message of standing up for yourself in Dee’s lyrics. The first part of this is me telling Dee about this. Then in 1984 TS hit it big like I was hoping they would but unfortunately it was for all the wrong reasons. I thought “Stay Hungry” was a weak album and MTV and the media just ruined them and turned them in to this cartoon teeny bopper band. Their new fan base didn’t like them the same way I did. I talk to Dee about seeing them supporting Y&T in San Jose in the first if 2 sold out shows. I was at the first night and Dee talks about the infamous incident where the band left the stage at the second show as well as a few comments from a 2002 interview I did with Dave Meniketti of Y&T. Most aren’t going to agree with my comments about Y&T fans and I apologize to the good true rock fans of Y&T but every asshole I knew in High school worshipped them and the details of this incident pretty much justifies that.

    The middle part of this interview gets really heavy where I get in to my anger against TS. First getting jaded by how over commercialized they had become then finally turning against them for (from my point of view) wimping out on their follow up album “Come Out & Play” particularly the blatant pop music song “Be Chrool To Your School”. Dee gives his point of view of how the band was being misrepresented in the media and other incidents and his reasons for decisions made.

    The whole meeting is wrapped up with Dee talking about Twisted Sister’s legacy, influence and new found respect from a lot of the new bands that were breaking out at the time. The failure of the “Come out & Play” tour and me talking about regaining my love for TS and their music and Dee’s influence on me and my outlook on life. Huge from Reality Check TV manning the camera asks a few questions as well.

    I made such an impression on Dee he talked about me in an article he wrote in Rip Magazine. Included in this is live footage of TS from Rocklahoma in 2009 and his band at the time Widowmaker playing a TS classic. All the 1994 footage was taken from an old VHS tape so there’s a few glitches. All the haters can talk shit about my “annoying stuttering” and all the other crap you say about me I don’t care this is what it is and I think there’s good stuff in this that needs to be shared”
    -Danny “D-D-D-Danny” Shipman
    Reality Check TV
    San Francisco,ca 3/9/13

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