The Requiem


door GHoeberX

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Flamant Hadrien
well done for this video, this is the best one. As the others comments say, patrick will always stay in his french supporters heart, he was, is and will always be a GREAT player and personnality.
Door Flamant Hadrien7 jaren geleden
kluivert respect,1 gran nom du restera gravé dan nos memoire
Door bouali8 jaren geleden
classy player he used to be my favourite player until he dudded out the past few years
Door c30297928 jaren geleden
The White Kluivert
Simply the best vidéo of Paddy in the Web
Door The White Kluivert8 jaren geleden
Ramy Pitchakourva
grand joueur domage de ne pas jouer tituleur
Door Ramy Pitchakourva9 jaren geleden