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    Click Right here: Phone for Information: 888-822-3410 Free of charge Foam Pillow How To Select The Right Memory Foam Pillow With advertisements appearing all over the place for memory foam pillow products, things can grow to be mystifying and puzzling. Of course, every advertiser claims to have the best foam pillow and unless of course you have some information on which to base your selection, you may not like the pillow you pick. Unfortunately, most state laws prohibit the return and resale of used foam pillows, so you are stuck with one that does not feel or perform like you had hoped it would. Because you see photos of someone lying on their back, appearing like they are in paradise, you tend to believe that you will be immediately gratified if you get that particular foam pillow. We're all creatures of habit and most of us have been sleeping on a more standard pillow all our lives. The unusual shape of the neck pillow, although it may be the best thing for our neck, upper back and shoulders, is nonetheless kind of tough to get used to. It's sort of like eating spinach. We know we should because it is good for us, but unless of course we just happen to be one of the few folks who love the taste of it, we don't consume a lot. The things you should consider are height, bodyweight, frame size, do you sleep on your back, side or stomach...or a mixture of these? I have put together a chart with my suggestions, for selecting the appropriate foam pillow, so you can see what I'd suggest to someone looking for guidance. If you are acquainted with memory foam, you know that the primary determining aspect for comfort is the correct density of material. Not like memory foam mattresses, where your entire body is lying on them, all that's lying on your foam pillow is the weight of your neck and head. The five lb. or higher density…