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    Del From Hell Studios - The Journey Ends

    Delmerio Morgado

    by Delmerio Morgado


    DFH Studios Presents
    Del From Hell Studios - The Journey Ends

    It has been quite the journey but sadly it must come to an end.
    December 2007 Del From Hell Studios became official on You Tube.
    I've released a few videos since. :)

    I came up with the name just to have something catchy.
    Del rhymed with Hell and it was cool.
    As time marched on I started questioning everything and one was the name of my studio.
    I want people to take me seriously as a filmmaker.
    Del From Hell Studios sounds catchy but cheesy at the same time.
    So I decided to simplify it and turn it to DFH Studios.
    Sounds a bit more professional.
    So ladies and gentlemen I will take you through the journey and show you in 2 minutes what I've been working on since 2007
    I want to thank you all for watching and for the people involved a bigger thank you for believing in me after all these years.
    If this is my last video, I hope you enjoy it.
    If not, The DFH Studios journey will begin a new.

    The soundtrack is from
    Pierre Gerwig Langer - Fatal Fight
    It was only used for dramatic purposes.
    I appologize for not adding it to the credits.

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