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    Online Video Marketing Tips - The Call To Action


    by jenthoden

    24 views Online Video Marketing Tips ~ Effective online video marketing is more than just creating videos and sharing them. You could have the most amazing... most polished... unbelievable video about your business...
    and you could have it on 1000 sites.


    If your video doesn't have a call to action, then all that work was for nothing.

    Your viewers will watch your video... and then what? More than likely leave. They won't really know what to do next.

    You must tell them what you want them to do. Your viewers need to be told what the next step is. If you don't, you'll lose them... maybe forever.
    Using Calls To Action In Your Online Video Marketing

    Ok, so you understand that you need to tell them what to do... but what do you tell them?

    Well, in most cases, you want them to click a link... or fill in a form.

    First, you want to be specific when you tell them what to do.

    For example, Click on the link below to _____ or Enter your name and email address in the form to the right to ______

    Now, you want to define the WHY. Why did you create your video? You should be creating your content with the end in mind. There are 3 reasons for creating a video for an online video marketing campaign:

    If your video is out on YouTube or other video sites, your call to action should be to click a link to visit your main site or one of your blog posts. Tell people to click the link to get more information or more tips. This simple statement will drive targeted traffic to your site.

    Whether your video is embedded on your blog or out on YouTube, you can lead your viewers to your lead capture page. Honestly, this is what you want to do most of the time. You should be working on growing your list. Having a list of people that you can email regularly and develop a relationship with will increase your profits over time.

    Your call to action can also be direct. Tell people to buy. Again, your viewers will do what you tell them to do. So, if you're video is embedded on your blog... and your video is about a product... tell them to click the link or button to buy right now.

    Let me say one thing about this last call to action. Make sure your video is full of value... over deliver on your value... if you don't and you ask them to buy... you're going to turn off your audience. Over deliver value and then tell them to buy.

    To sum this up... always include a call to action at the end of your videos. You can even apply this articles, facebook posts, tweets and forum posts.

    So, now that you know how to use calls to action...
    Take action and apply this to your online video marketing today.

    Jen Thoden

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