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    Online Video Marketing Tips - Present Yourself As An Expert


    by jenthoden

    42 views Online Video Marketing Tips ~ Online video marketing is THE perfect marketing strategy to position yourself as an expert in your niche. There's something very special about a person watching YOU speak words vs. reading text in an article. When they watch you on video, it becomes personal.

    Your goal as an online video marketer is to generate a following of people who are learning to know you, like you and trust you. These will be the people that will buy from you.
    Online Video Marketing Is A Powerful Internet Marketing Strategy

    I've heard over and over again from online business owners, who are struggling to make any money online... and refuse to record videos because they don't like to be in front of the camera.

    Look, several years ago, I started an online business where I made videos to teach people how to sew. I really wanted to do this... but I had never been in front of a camera before.

    And... it WAS weird. And I DID feel stupid. In fact... I threw away the first 4 hours of video. LOL. It was horrible.

    I tried so hard. I wrote a script and taped it to the camera. I tried to memorize my lines. I tried so hard to be perfect. It was terrible. But... I kept going... and I got better.

    Online Video Marketing Is Now My Absolute Favorite Online Marketing Strategy
    Be yourself.

    This is the best advice I can give you. Pretend you're talking to a friend and just... talk. Don't worry about the perfect video. The more imperfect you are the better. Because you will be REAL to your viewers.


    It is so easy to forget to smile. In fact, I would bet your money, that when you watch you're first few videos you will not see yourself smile. Not once. Probably because you're concentrating so hard.

    Share yourself in your online video marketing.

    The whole point of videos is to allow people to get to know you. So, share something about yourself in your videos. Hold your dog. Mention your family. Say something about your day. People want to know YOU. So, tell them a story and weave it into your message.

    Talk into the camera.

    It is so easy to talk to yourself. You see yourself on your computer monitor or view screen and it's like talking to a mirror image. Easy... BUT it's weird. Don't do that. Look directly at the camera on your monitor or into the lens on your camera.

    This will create eye contact and will allow your viewers to connect with you easily.

    Show some energy.
    Do not talk like a robot. Smile... and talk with some energy. Act like you're excited to be telling a person about your topic. Gesture with your hands. Give yourself some movement. The more energy you project... the more engaged your viewers will be.

    Jen Thoden

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