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    There was a young man and a girl acquainted with Bedeihma of net started their friendship then turned friendship to impress then admiring attention then attention to love, but true love without seeing both the other asked the young girl that he sees agreed girl that await him in the park and stuck in her handsThe red rose, but stipulated that if not admired by to walk without known himself and agreed the young man came promised Day went both there and when he found a young red rose of view of the girl فوجدها severe ugliness retreated quickly behind the tree and wept the severity of his love for her, but cleared his tears and remember her ethics and her paperhe stood behind her and said, I am a young man who loves the girl turned and said I'm not the girl who love you but stands hiding there look very young and found ph beauty and tenderness, she said other is asked me to sit here until tested love her ...