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    China Supports "Moderate" Response to NK Nuclear Test


    by NTDTelevision

    China said today it would support a "prudent and moderate" response to North Korea's third nuclear test.

    It came as the UN Security Council met earlier today to discuss sanctions against the rogue regime. Prior to the meeting, UN diplomats said that China and the US reached a tentative agreement on a sanctions resolution.

    After North Korea put a satellite into space last fall, the US pushed for new sanctions. The Chinese regime, as North Korea's biggest ally, weakened the response by only supporting an expansion of existing punishments, rather than imposing new ones.

    China's Foreign Ministry declined to say if it had reached a deal with the US on the latest response. But it's expected to continue to protect North Korea from harsher repercussions.

    Observers believe North Korea's latest nuclear test was in preparations for a nuclear missile. North Korea warned last week that its nuclear weapons are capable of hitting the US.

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