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    Man Ticketed for Laughing Too Loud

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    by Geo Beats

    A man is ticketed for laughing too loud.

    Laughter is good for you, right?

    Just don't ask a New York man, Robert Schiavelli who received two summonses for disturbing the peace.

    According to police, he was laughing too loud.The worst part of all was that Robert was on his own property while chuckling. Police arrived at his residence on February 12th and 13th after officers received complaints from his neighbors, who were angry that they could hear the laughs.

    Robert suffers from a neurological disability and says he uses humor as a way to deal with his neighbors habits of mocking and staring at him. The tickets carry a $250 fine each and potential jail time.

    Robert’s lawyer vows to fight stating “The day my client gets convicted for laughing, I'll quit practicing law, and I've been practicing for 20 years. The ordinance and prosecution are simply absurd.”

    In another report from 2012, neighbors in a Mumbai suburb complained about a laughter yoga club. A 78 year old Mumbai lawyer filed a case against the club which holds gatherings of 10 to 30 people every morning in a gazebo near his house. According to the complaint, the club members sang songs and encouraged each other to laugh loudly.