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    Woman Mauled By Lion During Sexual Encounter

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    A woman is mauled by a lion during a sexual encounter.

    A romantic encounter recently went terribly wrong. A woman was mauled to death by a lion while having sex with her boyfriend.

    The couple reportedly chose an outdoor secluded spot in Zimbabwe. The animal pounced and lunged towards the pair.

    The female’s unnamed partner was able to flee the scene in the nude before the lion attacked him.

    Once the male was safely away from the lion, he looked back and witnessed some of the attack before running to the road to get help. Police officers arrived on scene but sadly, the woman was covered in blood and bruises. She was already dead. Rangers continue to search for the lion.

    In 2010, a tourist in Zimbabwe was mauled to death by several lions while using an outside shower at a fishing camp. According to reports, the victim’s wife witnessed the tragedy but couldn’t do anything to save him.

    Conservationists claimed the extreme amount of wildlife poaching in the area caused a shortage of food which was making lions more aggressive.