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    Deli Opens in Former London Urinal

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A deli opens in a former public urinal.

    London is a mecca for foodies. Now the city has a new, hot dining spot.

    Named 'ATTENDANT’, the establishment is built inside of an 1890 public men's urinal under the picturesque streets of the city. Specializing in sandwiches, the business gets its name from the urinal's traditional Attendant office.

    According to reports, the owner’s spent roughly $150,000 remodeling the space, but many of the original aspects still remain. The initial bathroom tile work resides on the wall right next to the vintage urinals.

    Eaters can pull up a vibrant green stool and eat their meal across from the deli counter. There is a special place for plates on a wooden countertop, nestled in between the urinals. Vintage mercury lighting adds a nice touch to the dining area.

    The proprietors state “Our little kitchen pumps out amazing food from local British farms. If it’s in season: it’s in at Attendant.”

    It all sounds good but one wonders what does its loo look like?